What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Explained Simply for Dummies



Add a public comment…IAmKing7203 days agoOk now explain it to me as if I were a 5 year old.10REPLYView 2 repliesJessica Lawrence3 hours agoThe video was well explained. Thanks for educating the public on bitcoin trading, bitcoin the future.8REPLYView 3 repliesmegazwatcher3 days agono, it’s not trust its the fact we don’t have a choice unless we wanna go french revolution3REPLYCloé G4 days agoWow so clearly explained, thank you! I’m awake now3


REPLYShow Town2 months agoFinally a video that makes sense! I am either a dummy or you are doing a great job explaining lol83


REPLYView 5 replieskernow trebartha2 months agoYou give me Gold and I give you Paper… Trust me..😈41REPLYView replyLisa Hall5 months agoI understand the gold standard. I know that we moved away from it, and now the entire banking system is essentially an illusion. Got it. What I don’t understand is how Bitcoin is any different. It’s on the internet. Got it. But trading paper based on trust of a government that isn’t backed on anything is what we’re doing now. No real value, just trust. Where you lost me is in the actual value of bitcoin. As it also seems to be backed by nothing, isn’t it simply the same illusion, just online?Read more39REPLYView 33 replies from 99Bitcoins and others10 minute club1 month ago73k dummies including me😂🤣31REPLYmaximuscomfort2 weeks agoBit coins can be made illegal currency over night. Like military scrip money in Viet Nam.3REPLYView 2 repliesSara Winters2 days agoNow everyone knows that the U.S government is corrupt.   What does this mean for the dollar?REPLYMaher Massa5 hours agoThank you for this explanation God bless youREPLYTG1 month agoThere is no bartering in human history to “come back”.2REPLYTien Tran5 days agoBitcoin will be the future! Come back in 10years and say thanks to me people.4REPLYView replyHippopotamus Prime6 days agoNever trust the government!4REPLYJohnny Hicks2 months ago (edited)If you are buying bitcoin with fiat currency then bitcoin is fiat currency and if the system ever resets and they use sdrs what happens to bitcoin, it’s a great system when the world’s currencies are stable but not the way with world financial systems is at the moment. Give me gold all day long.7REPLYLamski1 month agoInteresting reading all the comments. This is how I know we are so early in the space. Funny because I’m sure we will see all of you asking about Bitcoin again when it hits $100K. You don’t have to join the space but eventually you will wish you had earlier. Everyone will say this to themselves at some point. Maybe next month, maybe next year, or maybe in 10 years. At some point you may just realize you have been left behind.Read more16

REPLYView 3 repliesJohnny Earl 22 days ago8:35 won’t be able to see who is actually making a transaction? The NSA strongly disagrees.REPLYAlexey Baal3 days agoI will give you a better explanation. Paper Money made by the goverment can loose value, due to coruption of human nature and absolute power corupts absolutly. Bitcon is not centralized and controlled by powerfull people, and because of that some people trusth it and gives it value. Both are backed up by nothing or ilussions and need trusth.Read moreREPLYView replyAmar Anwar1 day agoExcellent!

This is really interesting, a point you made about it being decentralized and the benefits of having complete control. I have a hard time believing it because it’d be hard for the government to begin taxing on bitcoin. Suggested, the way to pay tax was through consenting to the usage of the bitcoin address to the government, then at that point wouldn’t the idea that it becomes decentralized lose its property? I might have it confused here but that’s my train of thought and why I feel it won’t be as quickly acceptedRead more

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